CX Day is a global celebration of the companies and professionals that create great experiences for their customers. Here is a snapshot of what the day has to offer:

CX Day by the Numbers

Social Media Impressions
Webinar Views
Live Events at Cities Across the Globe


“Every company (and employee) should embrace Customer Experience Day. I love CX Day as an excellent way to learn together, moving the CX profession forward in common understanding and new insights through a wide variety of activities.”
Lynn Hunsaker

Customer Experience ROI Strategist
ClearAction (CCXP)

“If we can create a lot of positive energy from pulling together dozens of CX professionals, think about the power of pulling together thousands or tens of thousands of them. That’s why we created Customer Experience Day”
Bruce Temkin

Managing Partner & Customer Experience Transformist
Temkin Group (CCXP)

“The day was part of a larger company-wide effort to acknowledge individuals who create exceptional experiences for our customers, as well as creating an opportunity for us to discuss what it means to provide great customer service.”
Sheryl Warren

Corporate Vice President
New York Life Insurance Company

Learn about Karl!

This short, fun video shows Karl, a CX professional who is passionate about implementing a customer experience strategy at his organization and making a difference at all levels of the company. In this video, he shares information about his profession and the many ways he plans to celebrate on CX Day, a celebration of customer experience led by the CXPA.